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Music City Miracles Interviews WR Kendall Wright


As Jimmy told us a few days ago, SB Nation is a sponsor of the NFLPA's Rookie Premiere. The NFLPA Rookie Premiere is where 35 of the top 2012 NFL Draft picks will make their official professional debut. In addition to being the first rookie class to wear the new Nike jerseys, the players participated in events around L.A. in the lead up to their official coming out party.

We at Music City Miracles are already reaping the benefits of this partnership. I got the chance to interview first round pick Kendall Wright yesterday. SBNation's YouTube channel will have the video uploaded in a few days, but for now, here is the transcript of our chat.

MCM: Hi Kendall. My name's Aditya from We're really excited to have you on the Titans.

Kendall Wright: Appreciate it.

MCM: How has your rookie camp been?

KW: It's been good, learning a lot of new stuff.

MCM: Made any friends yet?

KW: Most of the rookies that's there, and Lavelle Hawkins, actually.

MCM: Have you met Kenny Britt yet?

KW: Yeah, I met Kenny.

MCM: Excited to be playing with him next year?

KW: Yeah I am. Very excited. Should be good.

MCM: What would you say your greatest strength as a receiver are?

KW: My speed and catching. And I can jump too.

MCM: I guess playing basketball your freshman year helped you there.

KW: Yeah. Playing basketball helped a lot...helped me stay in shape. That's where I get most of my moves when I'm juking on the field, comes from basketball.

MCM: A lot of Titans fans have expressed concern about the 40 time you posted at the combine. Some local fans heard an interview where you explained why your time was faster at your pro day. Can you rehash that reasoning for the fans who don't hear Nashville radio?

KW: I wasn't comfortable at the combine. And it was my start. I've never run a 4.6 in my life. I'm a legit 4.3, 4.35, anywhere in the 4.3 range, so my 40 time's not a problem.

MCM: You played cornerback in high school as well as receiver, how has that helped you?

KW: Cornerback or quarterback?

MCM: Which did you play?

KW: I played both.

MCM: Oh wow. How did each of them help you?

KW: Quarterback helped me because I have a feel for playing there, so I know what a quarterback is thinking, how he's gonna throw it and different stuff like that. And cornerback, I don't think that really helped me, but I can always know what a DB is thinking, what he's about to do.

MCM: I can see how that can be helpful. How was it playing with RGIII the last few years?

KW: It was great, exciting. He's a good dude and a great quarterback.

MCM: There have been some fans concerned that you didn't have a playbook at Baylor. How did you know the play? Was it signaled in from the sideline or did you adjust based on the defense? Or a little of both?

KW: (laughs) We had signals. If we had new plays or something, we'd draw it up and just go run it. We didn't have a playbook where we're just looking at and flipping pages and stuff like that.

MCM: How has your playbook reading gone so far?

KW: It's easy. It's easy to translate and read a playbook. It's simple. All you've got to do is know what they're saying for you in the plays, so it's easy.

MCM: I guess that's easier than memorizing however many plays it was that you had to learn at Baylor.

KW: It's about the same. I can memorize plays pretty good.

MCM: Do you prefer playing in the slot or on the outside?

KW: It doesn't matter, wherever I am at the time.

MCM: Wherever you score?

KW: (laughs) Yeah.

MCM: Is there any football player you would compare yourself to?

KW: I just want to be like me. I've been compared to DeSean Jackson, Santonio Holmes, Steve Smith, I've been compared to those kind of guys.

MCM: What do you think about Chris Palmer so far?

KW: He's a great coach. Great offensive coordinator. He's a good guy and he knows what he's doing.

MCM: What about Mike Munchak?

KW: He's a great coach. I knew that when I came on my visit, and after I got drafted there. He's just a great guy. Great coach and just a great guy.

MCM: What was your favorite team growing up?

KW: I didn't like football.

MCM: That's interesting.

KW: I played basketball.

MCM: You had Kendall Wright Day in your hometown the other day. What was that like?

KW: It was awesome. It was at a high school auditorium. They gave me a lot. They gave me a key to the city, retired my jersey, and a lot of different things like that.

MCM: That must have been nice. Which DB are you most excited to face in the NFL?

KW: Darrelle Revis.

MCM: Try to get on his island?

KW: No. He's coming to my island. (laughs)

MCM: Have you ever heard of Music City Miracles?

KW: No. SB Nation I have, but I haven't heard of Music City Miracles.

MCM: Alright. We're excited to have you Kendall, excited to see you once training camp starts. Thanks so much for taking the time.

KW: Thank you, I'm excited to be there.