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Between the Posts 5/2/2012

I know LTSS got the most recs, but I like the title "Between the Posts" better, so that is what we are going with for now. It seems that the first version of this was a pretty big hit, so hopefully it is something that you will be looking for each night. If you come across anything during the day that would like to see featured here, just shoot me an email. Please include your MCM username so I can give you credit in the post.

Also, I am looking for a logo for this post to use as a thumbnail for each new item like August does for the links. I know there are a lot of you out there who are proficient in that type of thing. Email me any concepts you come up with.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed Eric LeGrand to a contract. You will remember LeGrand as the Rutgers player who was paralyzed during a game in 2010. This is a classy move by Greg Schiano.

Crazy news today about the suicide of Junior Seau. I had forgotten how good of a player he was- probably because I hated him as a player. Here is what Football Outsiders Aaron Schatz had to say about him as a player this afternoon:

More on the greatness of Junior Seau... 12-time Pro Bowler & 6-time First Team All-Pro. More Seau: 1998 Chargers D finished second in NFL in DVOA with only two Pro Bowlers, Seau + Harrison. Team went 5-11 because of horrid O.

Gramsey is a Bryce Harper hater, but even he had to admit how good of a throw this was.

Here is a good read about a baseball player form the 80's named Willie Mays Aiken. Who doesn't love a good redemption story?