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Between the Posts 5/19/2012

Btpfinal_mediumMegatron was dropping bombs in batting practice last night before the Tigers played the Pirates in Detroit.

Btpfinal_mediumMocking the Draft is doing a rookie fantasy football tournament. They have seeded 32 rookies and created a bracket. They will be posting a poll for each match-up in the coming days. That is a really cool idea.

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What is the best TV show of all-time? The answer to this question is actually pretty easy. Friday Night Lights. If you have not watched that show, what are you waiting for? It is easily the best TV show ever.

Why is it the best show ever? Because it is about football of course. Now the later seasons were not as much about football, but that was still the foundation of the show.

The show should also be used in pre-marital and marital counseling. The relationship between Coach Taylor and his wife should be studied to help people today.