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Titans Agree to Terms with Markelle Martin

The Tennessee Titans have agreed to terms with sixth round pick Markelle Martin. He is the third Titans draft pick to be signed from the 2012 class.

Martin is going to be an interesting guy to watch in camp. He fell in the draft because of an injury and the fact that he was an inconsistent player at Oklahoma State. It still might take some time for him to get 100% healthy, but you can bet that the coaching staff is already working with him on playing within the system and being focused on every single play.

I doubt he plays much in 2012 unless their is an injury to one of the starting safeties, but they are hoping that he will show them enough that they can let Michael Griffin walk once this season is over. The only reason the team franchised Griffin is because their were no better options out there on the market.

My hope is that the competition between Griffin and Martin keeps both of them focused 100% of the time.