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Jonathan Vilma Sues Roger Goodell

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NFL football cannot get here soon enough, so that we can actually have something on the field to talk about instead of this stupid bounty scandal. Look, I understand that it is bad for players to go our there and try to injure other players. That should not be a part of the game, but the fact is that it goes on in every locker room. The fact that Roger Goodell is making such an example out of the Saints is a little ridiculous in my opinion.

Now the tables have been turned on Goodell as Jonathan Vilma has decided to sue Goodell for slander according to multiple reports on Twitter. We live in a day in age where anyone can sue anyone else for just about anything, so it is way to early to know if this case will actually make it to court or not, but it is another PR black eye for the league.

I wonder if Goodell regrets at all the way he has gone about this. Truth be told, the only reason he has come down so hard on everyone involved in this situation is because the people involved lied to him. He could have punished them when he first learned about it, but he didn't. He gave them the chance to sweep it under the rug and the didn't. That made him mad.

The good news is that everyone, besides Saints fans of course, will pretty much forget about this once there is actual football being played on the field.