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Yeremiah Bell Visits the Tennessee Titans

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As August mentioned in the links this afternoon, Yeremiah Bell visited the Tennessee Titans on Tuesday. Bell is 34 years old and has spent his entire career with the Miami Dolphins. They drafted him in the 6th round back in 2003. He would be an interesting signing for the Titans.

If you remember back to the mock draft season, there was a point in late February where every mock draft had the Titans taking Mark Barron. That was because they did not have a safety under contract that had ever really played in the NFL. Then they franchised Michael Griffin and re-signed Jordan Babineauz, and everyone thought the Titans were set at safety.

While those two guys could provide a pretty solid safety tandem, there is still room to upgrade. Babineaux is solid, but Griffin can be anywhere from an All-Pro safety to one of the worse safeties in the league.

From the outside looking in, it seems that Griffin's biggest problem is that he loses focus from time to time. You better believe that having a guy like Bell there to push him would help him focus.

Markelle Martin will also provide some competition, but it could not hurt to have another veteran around.