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Kenny Britt Has Minor Knee Surgery Today

Getty Images

August alerted you earlier in the week that there was a chance Kenny Britt would have to have an additional surgery on his knee. Jim Wyatt reports that Britt will indeed be undergoing that surgery today. Ruston Webster said that the procedure is not that uncommon, according to Wyatt, and it should only set Britt back a couple of weeks.

It sounds very similar to the procedure Derrick Morgan had before the season last year. Morgan was back on the field by week two. That should give all of us a little bit of hope that Britt will still be ready in plenty of time for the 2012 regular season.

This should also make you feel a little bit better about the Kendall Wright pick. The people that were against the pick pointed to the receiving corps with Britt on the field. While it still looks like he will be out there week 1, having Wright as an option makes the group not as scary without Britt.