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Did Anyone Attend a Titans Caravan Event?

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Each summer the Tennessee Titans put on their caravan event where they spend a couple of weeks traveling around to some areas that are in the Mid-South but located outside of the greater Nashville area. This year it included a host of stops in Tennessee as well as stops in Kentucky and Alabama.

In year's past I had not payed that much attention to the event, but this year Paul Kuharsky ripped the event on his radio show before it started saying that they sent out a lot of players that would not be on the roster week 1. I think that is probably what prompted this paragraph in the wrap-up article from the Titans official site:

The best lineup of players in Titans Caravan history. Here's the proof: only one player who appeared was not a current starter or a special teams' standout with a Pro Bowl on their resume' (Rob Bironas and Marc Mariani). Who is that one player? Jake Locker, hardly a dud. Locker might well be a starter in 2012 and is going to be the face of the franchise in the years to come....The fan interest in Locker was rivaled by the first-ever Titans Caravan appearances of Chris Johnson, who joined Mariani and Kenny Britt for huge appearances in Huntsville and Florence, Ala.
I did get to a stop on purpose, but they were at my local Kroger when I stopped there on the way home one day last week. Did anyone go to one of these events and get to meet any of the players? If so, how was it?