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MCM Evening Links To Go Out On

Btpfinal_medium This one already came up in the comments earlier, but it's worth putting above the jump: Albert Beer says he's talked with Mike Munchak, and he believes that if the race for the starting QB is a dead heat, Locker may get the nod. Of course, anything you hear from the Titans camp regarding the starting QB competition is a lock to be marinated in a healthy does of CYA. Consider: Munchak could be saying that so he can later say Hasselbeck starting is a testament to how great he's been in camp/practice. Still, taken at face value it's encouraging to hear anything that helps Locker get closer to starting the 2012 season.

Btpfinal_medium CJ's work ethic has seriously impressed Colin McCarthy, and he says CJ's first full off-season in the Titans program since 2008 is exciting everyone around him. Boom, son.

Btpfinal_medium Jeff Fisher is already publicly doting on his Pac Man Jr newest character project at CB.