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Taylor Thompson Impressive in First Day of Titans Rookie Mini-Camp

Be careful. The post you are about to read is going to be a common one this summer. As Titans' fans, you should already know this, but I feel the need to point it out all of the same. Taylor Thompson is going to be really impressive in shorts. He is a big tight end who can run and catch against air. Sound familiar?

I am not saying that Thompson won't develop into a really good player in this league, because he very well could, but we have seen guys like Ben Troupe and Jared Cook get rave reviews in practices only to struggle in game situations. While it does appear that Cook has turned that corner, it took a while, and he actually played tight end in college.

All of that being said, Thompson was apparently very impressive in the first day of the Tennessee Titans rookie mini-camp. Thompson said he felt comfortable out there according to Gary Glenn:

"It was great. I felt very comfortable on offense. I’ve learned a lot the past few days and I’m just having a great time," Thompson said of his first day. "I’m pretty familiar with what they’re running here. It’s similar to what Coach (June) Jones ran at SMU."

Jim Wyatt also tweeted that Thompson was the most impressive on the day. Russ Lande, draft analyst for The Sporting News, responded to Wyatt's tweet with this:

Jim, that is why we (GM Jr Scouting) have been hyping him as a future Stud TE since seeing him at Players All Star Classic.

Cautiously. Optimistic.