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Least Shocking News Ever: Drayton Florence Meets With Titans, Then Signs With the Denver Broncos

I can't imagine Bud signing a Bills player anytime soon anyways.
I can't imagine Bud signing a Bills player anytime soon anyways.

It was has become a comically reoccurring pattern this off-season, yet another veteran players has left a meeting with our front office only to sign with the Denver Broncos. This time the player is veteran CB Drayton Florence. Florence isn't exactly a dynamic, game-changing cornerback, but he is one of the more capable DBs left in the paltry fee agent pool right now.

There's no way you can look at this as a failing of the front office's aggressiveness: if they felt Florence was significantly better than anyone else on the market they would have signed him earlier in free agency, or at least not let Florence leave BSP without inking a contract. Any blame you want to heap on this non-move would have to be put on the talent evaluators.

Expect the Titans to continue their search for a veteran cornerback (looking at you, Andre Goodman) to help round out this group headed into camp, but at this point you're pretty much looking at a camp body who can set a professional example for these young guys, challenge some of the WRs, but ultimately not be a threat. If he surprises the staff, or if injuries start to mount, then the mystery corner could make the team, but it's definitely not going to happen in any of the coaching staff's best case scenarios.