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Yet To Be Named Nightly OT Open Thread At MCM

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So each night at MCM I plan on putting up a thread that has some things that I find of interest and leave it open for discussion. It will always be off topic and could really be anything. There will probably be a lot of interesting NFL things that are not worthy of a post by themselves, but it won't just be football.

Tonight, I would love for someone to name the thread. Leave your suggestions in this thread, and the one that gets the most recs will be what I call it (assuming it is appropriate and all of that stuff). The goal of this thread will be to spark discussion. So feel free to bring up whatever topics you would like to discuss in the comments.

Tonight we start off with Greg Cosell looking at the way the Lions, Eagles and Buccaneers drafted in this year's draft. He points out that the players they drafted give insight on how they view the NFL. Good read.

John Harbaugh made some comments on the radio about the Patriots' championships being tainted because they cheated. He later issued a clarification/apology. I don't get why he had to issue an apology. What he said was true.

Smash is very sad today because the player that the Predators have bent over backwards to cater too, Alexander Radulov, and Andrei Kostitsyn have been suspended for tomorrow night's game 3 against the Coyotes.