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Some Insight Into the Titans Plan at Corner

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One of the most popular picks for the Titans in recent mock drafts has been corner. It is an easy call with the lost of Cortland Finnegan to the Rams. Jim Wyatt talked to quite a few people in the Titans' organization, and a lot of them are high on Ryan Mouton who has been working to come back from an Achilles injury.

Wyatt asked Munchak about the plan at corner, and he gave an answer that he could have only learned by listening to Jeff Fisher for so many years:

"Maybe we’ll do that at some point, or maybe we’ll say, ‘OK, we feel good about the guys we have, so let them play.’ People don’t know their names yet. You lose a ‘name’ guy, and people want to replace them with a ‘name’ guy. But sometimes it is almost better if you have a guy in-house who has a chance to earn the job and step up. And we feel we have some guys who have to develop."
I really hope they are not planning on the third guy being Mouton. I know he is still a young player, but he really wasn't good before the injury. Now he is coming off an injury that it takes a lot of time to come back from. That does not give me high hopes.