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Predict The Season Schedule Challenge

So with the draft at the end of the month also comes the release of the 2012 Titans schedule. The rules to this are actually quite simple: THERE ARE NO RULEZ!! Ok, now that we got that out of the way, let's discuss the actual rules. You will receive 1 MCM point if you are within two weeks of the actual game and 2 MCM points if you are dead on. Anything outside that will have to speak to gramsey about your punishment. Below are the Home and Away opponents, so start predicting!


  • Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, New England, NY Jets, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit


  • Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Miami, San Diego, Green Bay, Minnesota

I will tally everything once the schedule has been released. Just in case any of you are confused about the rules, lets say for example you have @ Houston in week 1, but the schedule shows it in week 3. You would receive 1 point, make sense?

I will also give an extra 5 bonus points if you predict the bye week correctly. Who said the bye week wasn't your friend?