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MCM Radio Recap and Analysis of the Tennessee Titans 2012 Draft Results, Live at 9:00 Central


Tonight Jimmy and I will go in-depth on the Titans' bounty of prospects from this past weekend's draft. We might not talk as much as expected about Kendall Wright since we covered him in last Thursday's show, but you know the addition of a first round WR won't be glossed over either. Some other topics will be how we see some of these guys being used by the coaching staff, and what these picks may say about our scheme in 2012 that we didn't see last year. Is it all highly speculative? Sure. But our goal is to make it highly insightful and entertaining as well.

You can listen to us live here, which is also the location for the live chat room. There's always a party going on in there, so be sure to check it out. If you can't join us live you can always download the show in podcast form via iTunes, or stream it through the BTR site.