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SB Nation 2013 NFL Mock Draft

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It is never too early, right? Ryan Van Bibber has put out a 2013 NFL mock draft that I have several issues with. Click through the jump to see where and who he has the Tennessee Titans picking.

Van Bibber has the Titans picking 12th(!) and taking Manti Te'o, ILB, Notre Dame. Here is what he said about the pick:
Next year's version of Luke Kuechly lands in Music City. His draft stock could really skyrocket this season.

First of all, the Titans will not be picking 12th.

Second of all, they will not be drafting an inside linebacker. Why can't anyone do research on the Titans roster before making a projection?

Third of all, I will be furious if the Titans ever draft a player from Notre Dame. The last Notre Dame player to be good in the NFL was Joe Montana.

A few non-Titans bullet point issues:

  • Matt Barkley will not be the first overall pick.
  • Da'Rick Rogers will not the the 14th overall pick. He might have that kind of talent, but his baggage will push him down in the draft.
  • Another strong group of Alabama players in the first round.