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2012 NFL Draft: Todd McShay Talks Impact Picks

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Todd McShay has a post up this morning looking at the picks from each team that will make the biggest impact and the pick that is the most intriguing (In$ider). He calls Mike Martin the Titans pick that is likely to have the biggest impact. That is interesting because I am pretty sure that Jurrell Casey was the player he selected last season.

Click through the jump to see why Martin will have the biggest impact, and who he selected as the most intriguing.

On Martin:
He'll likely work in a rotation with Sen'Derrick Marks and Jurrell Casey, but Martin is a hard worker with the strength and quickness to disrupt things in the middle and offer something as an interior pass-rusher.

He called Coty Sensabuagh the most intriguing:

Many fans are surely intrigued by the athleticism of ILB Zach Brown, but Brown is too undisciplined to be the guy here. Sensabaugh can help in the teams' top need area, and his combination of size, speed, athleticism and ball skills made him a late-riser during the draft process. The 2011 season was his first as a starter, but he has the ability to push for the No. 3 job with the Titans and his best football is clearly ahead of him.

I will still say that Brown is the most intriguing because it seems the Titans have much bigger plans for him than just simply being a weak-side outside linebacker.