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SB Nation 2012 NFL Draft Grades

SB Nation has launched a YouTube channel, and some of the stuff on there is pretty good. The video you see above is their roundtable grading the drafts in the AFC South. Everybody's favorite blogger, BigBlueShoe, is a part of said roundtable, so that gives you something to look forward too.

I agree with pretty much everything that Michael Bean had to say about about what the Tennessee Titans did. This draft scares me on a lot of fronts because the word "upside" was thrown around a lot. That is not a bad thing if all of those players reach their potential, but the odds are that more won't than will.

As an aside, Gramsey did an excellent "Meet your newest Titan" post Friday about Kendall Wright. He is not going to have time to do one of those on every pick, so if you would like to write one shoot me an email. I will probably just have your write it as a fanpost and I will promote it to the front page.