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2012 NFL Draft: Breaking Cornerbacks and Safeties Into Tiers

Friend of the site, Wes Bunting, who is one of the best NFL draft analysts out there has written articles breaking the cornerbacks and the safeties of this class into tiers. As for the safeties, Mark Barron is in tier number one all by himself. That should not come as a surprise with all of the talk about how weak this safety class is. Here is what Bunting had to say about Barron:

Has the makings of a heck of a special teams player who can also attack downhill vs. the run game, play inside the box and drive on the football in front of him in the pass game. Isn't going to be a major threat turning and tracking the football, but his improved instincts makes me think he can start in the league early on.

Unlike the safety class, the cornerback class is deep. Morris Claiborne and his four on the Wonderlic are in tier one all alone. He has Dre Kirkpatrick and Janoris Jenkins in tier two. All three of those guys should be first round picks.

Tier three starts with Stephon Gilmore and goes six players deep. That might mean the Titans would be better served snagging another position in the first round and adding one or two of those guys later in the draft.