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2012 SB Nation Bloggers Mock Draft: Titans Pick Posted

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Lost in all of the hubbub of the Nike uniforms being released this morning was the fact that the Titans pick in the SB Nation Bloggers mock was posted at MTD this morning. No one will be surprised to see that I took a player from Alabama. While I am biased toward Bama players, Dre Kirkpatrick seemed like a pretty easy selection with the way that draft played out.

The only other player that was strongly considered there was Michael Brockers, but at the end of the day he scares me. He seems like another one of those freak defensive line athletes that ends up flaming out in the NFL because he doesn't really have a position. There is also only one year of production in college to look at. The new Titans' regime has shied away from those types of players.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the pick. Please vote in the poll and post in the comments.