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Nike Unveils New Tennessee Titans Uniforms Open Thread

Nike is scheduled to unveil the new NFL uniforms in about 30 minutes. They have done a remarkable job of keeping what they are going to do a secret. Pretty much everything gets leaked early these days, but Nike has kept this off the internet. There have been a lot of fake designs floating around out there, but that is all. In fact, Lions' team president Tom Lewand said as much recently:

"You're not going to see a lot of visual difference..."

"What will be different is the technology behind the uniform. You'll see a lot more of the fabrics and the lines and the makeup that you see in quite frankly a lot of major college programs. That'll be the big change for us out of the gate."

I do not expect there to be any major changes. You will probably see some subtle things here or there, but they have already released t-shirts and the logo is the same.

Use this thread to discuss the new uniforms.