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Report: Dan Koppen To Visit The Titans.

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More big names keep matriculating in. After being stood up and left at the altar by Scott Wells and Jeff Saturday, the Titans continue to try and look for viable ways to push Eugene Amano out of a job by brining in another veteran center to meet the crew. Dan Koppen, the former Patriot center who recently hit the open market after missing nearly all of 2011 with an ankle injury, is evidently completely healed from his aforementioned ankle injury and ready to play in 2012.

We've talked over and over again about how taking Amano out of the center position would pay huge dividends for this team, and the front office clearly agrees that that is what's best for the team, but I'm always a little nervous when we're talking about bringing in a recently injured veteran, especially at a position where you can't exactly afford to avoid contact. That being said, the Titans have pretty much exhausted all their other resources at the center position and the market has dried up big time. There was a time where Scott Wells was almost a Titan, but that was long ago. Then it was Jeff Saturday, another guy I was a little uneasy about committing a few million to. Now we are faced with the reality that Koppen is the best option out there and that something still has to be done to at least try to fix the center position.

All in all, I'd say there's a pretty solid chance of this happening. The Titans have already let two pretty good players slip through their grasp, I don't think they'll let one of the last few viable options get away so easily this time. Is it the ideal fix? No, but even though the Titans have money to spend (their cap number is still comfortably below dangerous territory) I think it's good that they're taking a fiscally responsible route on this one. Of course, we can't be guaranteed that they won't break the bank on this guy, but how much could a 30-something, decent offensive lineman coming off an injury riddled season really ask for? My guess is not much. While we're at it, he also addresses a pretty serious need and could offer some valuable sage advice for a young player taken in this month's draft.