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2012 Titans Draft Picks: A Great Read on Coty Sensabaugh

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Matt Crossman of the Sporting News has a great story about Coty Sensabaugh and his draft day experience. After reading that story it will be impossible for you not to root for him. He is another example of the front office taking an experienced, smart player.

Sensabaugh lost his brother when he was 11 years old. That part of the story is heartbreaking. His brother found out he had Leukemia and died from it within the same week. Coty plans on starting a foundation in his brother's name to raise awareness about the disease.

The part of the story that made me laugh was when they were talking about another one of his older brothers calling around Kingsport, TN looking for Titans shirts. It sounds like he bought them all.

Like I said, it will be impossible not to root for this kid after reading that story. Make sure you click on that link and read the whole story.