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Mel Kiper 2012 NFL Draft Grades


Everyone's favorite draft analyst, Mel Kiper, has release his draft grades (In$ider). He broke them out into grades based on needs and based on value to get an overall grade. I would argue that Kiper doesn't have a clue about team needs, but that is for another day.

He gave the Titans a C on needs and a B- on value for an overall C+. Here is what he had to say:

Tennessee goes into 2012 with a vastly improved group of wide receivers. I didn't see this as a top need, but with Kenny Britt back, the addition of Kendall Wright means Jake Locker has the necessary weapons to succeed if he starts the season. If you know you have the weapons, you can better assess if you truly have your franchise quarterback. I can see the strategy. Wright was no steal, however. I thought it was possible he could fall to Round 2. Zach Brown is an athlete, but he's not physical at all. He's better chasing down plays from the weak side than he will be taking on blocks. Taylor Thompson will be a fun one to watch as he converts to tight end. He caught passes there in high school, so it won't be a foreign concept. Coty Sensabaugh has a chance to stick, but I expected earlier urgency for a cornerback. Markelle Martin might be the best value pick for Tennessee at No. 190.
Keep in mind that Kiper also said the Titans would be in the mix for the #1 overall pick in 2012.