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Tennessee Titans Undrafted Free Agents


Now comes the times where teams are in a frenzy to sign players that went undrafted. It always seems a little funny that teams are bidding against each other to sign players that they did not deem worthy of a draft pick. It is pretty entertaining.

There are some pretty interesting players still left on the board. A couple that should draw interest from the Titans, in my opinion, are Chase Minnifield and Janzen Jackson. Minnifield didn't get drafted because of an injury, but would be worth a shot. Jackson has some issues, but there is a lot of upside there.

NewsToTom has been tweeting guys that the Titans are adding like a mad man. So far it appears they have agreed to terms with Beau Brinkley, LS, Missouri, Chandler Burden, OT, Kentucky, D.J. Woods, WR, Cincinnati, Devin Aguilar, WR, Washington, and Alex Watkins, LB, Alabama. Keep in mind that none of these are official yet.

I will do my best to update this thread throughout the night.

[UPDATE]- Jim Wyatt reports that Vandy TE Brandon Barden has been signed by the Titans.

[UPDATE #2]- Wyatt now reports that the Titans have agreed to terms with center William Vlachos from Alabama.