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Tennessee Titans Trade into the 7th round, snag DE Scott Solomon


Just when you thought our 2012 draft was all over, Reinfeldt and Webster make something else happen. After trading with the Browns to secure the 211th overall pick, the Titans drafted Rice DE Scott Solomon. At 6'3" and 262 lbs and rather small armed, Solomon is one of the smaller pass rushers we've brought in. But, he's a high motor pass rusher known for his competitive spirit and attitude on the field.

One thing to be wary of with Solomon is his recovery from a serious foot injury that didn't appear to be 100% last season, but it was surely poked and prodded at the NFL combine. Solomon will likely land on the practice squad this season, but he's got the kind of drive and dedication to make an impact one day.

No word yet on what we gave up to make this pick, so leave it in the comments if you know!

[UPDATE]- Titans traded their 6th round pick next year to get Solomon.