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Tennessee Titans select FS Markelle Martin with the 190th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft

Me likey that hit.
Me likey that hit.

With their final selection of the 2012 NFL Draft (barring any trade back to get back into the 7th round), the Titans selected Oklahoma St. free safety, Markelle Martin. Martin is a speed demon of a safety, and nice size at 6'1".

The thing I like? He actually graded out as Wes Bunting's top overall free safety.

Martin was a three-year starter for OSU, and put up some nice tackling numbers. He only logged 3 INTs in his college career, all in 2010, but shows the athleticism and experience to get better quickly. Martin appears to not be as aggressive as some scouts would like, but it appears to be his fear of getting burned deep. Maybe Michael Griffin should take some notes.

All-around, I really like this pick at this point in the draft. Reinfeldt and company have put together yet another class packed with productive starters from high-level college programs who can come in and compete right away. The only major head-scratcher who sticks out in this group is Taylor Thompson, and even he has freakish athleticism and could blossom into another Jared Cook.

Another thing this class shares with our previous drafts: it'll be underrated by analysts, but look much better in 2-3 years. There may not be a sure-fire ROY candidate here, but have complete faith in the idea that these guys will help us WSS this season.

Book it.