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Titans select Coty Sensabaugh with the 115th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft


The wildness that is the final half of the draft is under way, and our beloved Titans have already started addressing their needs at the cornerback with Clemson CB Coty Sensabaugh.

Sensabaugh was rated by Mayock as a 6th round pick, but he's been rising up draft boards over the past month thanks to a nice combine and a lack of bad game film. However, his primary strengths are his intelligence, fluid hips and a love of contact. However, he didn't start very many games before last season at Clemson, so his main weakness is a lack of experience. That being said, if Reinfeldt and Webster fell in love with what they saw, then hopefully Coty is a quick learner.

He's also the cousin of Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh, so you can expect that he won't be too overwhelmed by the NFL lifestyle.

You can find more tidbits about Coty here and here.