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Tennessee Titans Draft Picks Today and Start Time


The draft is scheduled to start again this morning at 11 AM central time. The Tennessee Titans have one pick in each of the next 4 rounds. Their first pick this morning in is #115. The also have picks #155, #190 and #255. Evan Silva has created this handy page that has the picks each NFL has already made and the ones they have left.

In case you missed it last night, the Titans brass did a press conference after each pick. You can watch the one after they selected Zach Brown here and Mike Martin here. Listen to Mike Munchak talk about Martin in that video. It gives some really good insight into why they picked him.

They bolstered the defense with yesterday's pick. Don't be surprised to see them spend two of the remaining picks on offensive lineman. They can still get better at center and guard. The other two picks will probably be spent on defensive players- probably a pass rusher and a corner.