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2012 NFL Draft: AFC South Recap

Laughing at the rest of the divison. Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE
Laughing at the rest of the divison. Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE

Let's take a look at what the other teams in the AFC South have done so far in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Indianapolis Colts are all about giving Andrew Luck weapons for success. They have spent all four of their picks so far on offense. After Luck they added Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen and T.Y. Hilton. Their offensive might end up being pretty good next year, but they still need a lot of help on defense.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have made three picks so far, and one of them was a punter. That is what everyone will be talking about for a while, but their other two picks were actually pretty good. They traded up in the draft to get the second best receiver in this draft behind Justin Blackmon (after Kendall Wright of course), and they got Andre Branch, the defensive end from Clemson, in the second round.

The Houston Texans were the ones that took the risk of drafting Whitney Mercilus in this first round. That could end up paying off huge for them. I am not a fan of DeVier Posey in the second round, and I know absolutely nothing about the guard from Miami of Ohio that they drafted in the third round.