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2012 NFL Draft Best Available

Wes Bunting has just posted his top prospects that are still available. As I have already said today, there are still a lot of good players left on the board. You have to think that the front office is keeping their collective fingers crossed that Peter Konz falls to #52. Here is what Bunting had to say about Knoz:

For a taller center showcases impressive flexibility, as he typically gains leverage on contact and uses his length to gain proper hand placement. Has some limitations because of his height and will allow defenders to get under him at times. However, for the most part is able to quickly re-set his hands, sink his hips and keep the inside of the pocket clean in pass protection. Showcases an good snap through the hips in the run game, is routinely able to create a push inside and drive opposing nose tackles away from the play and/or seal. Looks like a "plus" run blocker in the NFL in more of an angle scheme.

There should also be something in there about him not being named Eugene Amano.

Here is a good list of the best available players by position.