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Tennessee Titans Daily Links: Wright Man For The Job Edition

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Danged Wright!
Danged Wright!

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Jim Wyatt writes about why Kendall Wright was the right pick for the Titans at 20, especially since 7 D-linemen and 4 DBs were already gone when we got on the clock. I can't agree more. I still think we'd have taken Ingram if he fell to 20, but once he was gone DeCastro, Wright or Hill was a no brainer.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Another benefit of us taking Wright: I have no doubt he would have been the pick for Houston if he'd still been on the board. Instead, they took the pass rusher with the highest bust potential in the draft. Of course, rarely does Wade Phillips get a first round guy in the front seven who ends up a true bust, and Merciless has excellent talent around him to relieve some of the pressure to produce right away.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Bucky Brooks has a second round mock draft out, and he has us taking Penn St. DT Devon Still, who Mike Mayock is very high on. Still also makes since because he's a high-floor player who is ready to play right away, even if he isn't likely to become a perennial All Pro.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 PFW's Arthur Arkush doesn't love our pick, but he doesn't hate it either. Also, can we all agree that 'plug and play', a phrase Mike Mayock loves, is officially one of the most annoying scout terms of the year?

Tennessee_titans_30x21 PFF also takes a look at the Wright pick, and they like it:

20. Kendall Wright - WR - Tennessee Titans

The first thing to note about Wright is that he has extensive experience from the slot, which in today's NFL is becoming more crucial than ever. Many believe he can be just as dominant on the outside, and that gives the Titans the kind of flexibility on offense that will be tough to match up with. It also gives them some legitimate cover for Kenny Britt, who is dominant when he is on the field, but was only on it for a meager 145 snaps last season.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 PFF reviews the top drafts of 2008-2010, and the Titans' '09 effort lands in the 7th spot:

7. Tennessee Titans (2009)

Starters Found: Kenny Britt (WR), Sen'Derrick Marks (DT), Jared Cook (TE), Gerald McRath (LB) and Jason McCourty (CB)

Contributions From: Javon Ringer (RB)

Best Pick: Jason McCourty

Summary: What is it with the Titans being able to turn low round corners into stars? McCourty is that and has been superb the past two years, now getting a chance to be his team's top dog at the spot. Add in two mismatches in the receiving game (Britt and Cook) and that's more than you'd normally hope for from a draft-three real difference-makers. That they've found a capable back-up running back and a linebacker who didn't embarrass himself when he started in 2010, and you've done alright. If only Sen'Derrick Marks wasn't such a disappointment.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 That's it: I officially can't stand the guys at CHFF. Their analysis sounds like a idiotic, petulant commenter, and I'm not saying that just because they took a steaming dump on our pick (along with EVERY other WR pick in the first round).

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Thanks to the great Charlie Robison for the inspiration for the title of this post: