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2012 NFL Draft Grades: What Did the Titans Get?

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The good folks over at have put up a post this morning grading the picks from last night's first round. The first round last night had a lot of trades, but there were not very many picks that were surprising. The only one that really raised any eyebrows was the Seahawks selecting Bruce Irvin.

They gave the Titans a B for their selection of Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor:

The Browns wanted Kendall Wright at the 22nd pick. Tennessee gets him at No. 20. Young receiver to pair with Jake Locker.

That is the key right there. The best way to give Locker a chance to succeed early on is to give him weapons. They did just that when they selected Wright.

We all hope that Kenny Britt will come back 100% and pick up where he left off last season, but Britt's injury history indicates that he will miss at least some time. You don't want Locker out there with Damian Williams as his #2 receiver.