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Titans 2012 Draft Picks: Kendall Wright Will Be a Dynamic Receiver


It is really funny to me to read some of the reaction to the Titans taking Kendall Wright. My guess is those are some of the same people that drafted this franchise year in and year out for not taking a wide receiver in the first round. This is a new era in Titans' football, and it is obvious that the front office understands that you have to be explosive on offense to win in today's NFL.

Also, please do more research on Wright than just looking at his 40 time from the combine. Josh Norris of RotoWorld said on Twitter tonight that "No one separates better in this draft, adjusts extraordinarily well" about Wright. That is pretty high praise, and separation is the key to success for a receiver in the NFL.

Also keep in mind that Wright will see a lot of one on one coverage early in his career with Kenny Britt lined up on the other side of the field. He will have a chance to make a big impact from the beginning.

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