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Mel Kiper 2012 NFL Mock Draft

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Mel Kiper is a mock draft making fool. He has put out his second mock draft in as many days. Yesterday he had the Tennessee Titans taking Dre Kirkpatrick. Today he has the Titans taking David DeCastro, OG, Stanford:

I don't think Tennessee will pass on the value of DeCastro if the draft lines up this way. He's the top offensive lineman in the draft if you take position out of the equation.

That last statement is just nonsense. You cannot take position out of the equation.

It will be very interesting to see what the Titans do if this is the way the draft falls.

This would really be a bad scenario for the Titans because all of the defensive playmakers are off the board at 20.

There is no way they are taking an offensive lineman with this pick if DeCastro is off the board, but my guess is they would be tempted to take him if he is there.