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With The 20th Pick Of The 2012 NFL Draft, The Tennessee Titans Select....Who You Got?

Alright draft experts....who we gonna take? It's time for everybody to put their name on it and predict what the Titans will do tonight.

This is gonna be easy....Confine your comment to only the subject line and tell everybody who you think the Titans will draft tonight. Make it concise....just type a name. I know we have no idea how it will play out, but that is what makes it fun!

All you have to do is type the name of the player you think we will draft tonight. Doesn't matter if we are going to trade up or down to get him, or just take him at 20, just type a name!

The comments are open right now and will close at 8 EST this last second cheating for Prattrick!

So don't overthink it....just type a name! Apparently we need to specify that you should type one name and only one name.