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Mike Mayock 2012 NFL Mock Draft

Getty Images

Mike Mayock does one mock draft every year. He has posted it for this season over at today, and he has the Tennessee Titans taking Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech. It goes without saying that SuperHorn was giddy when he saw that.

There are some other things of interest in there. He has Luke Kuechly going to the Buffalo Bills at #10 and Mark Barron going to the Chiefs at #11. Those are two guys that have been all over boards throughout this process.

I would be 100% behind them taking Hill with this pick regardless of how the draft plays out in front of them, but it seems like a really good pick with the way this one played out. All of the defensive players that the Titans have been heavily linked to in this process (Barron, Gilmore, Kirkparick, Ingram) were off the board.

It would also be hard to fault the Titans for taking an "all-in on offense" approach here. They have some of the key pieces in place to be a dynamic offense. Why not use this pick to get what could be that last piece and outscore people?