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Atlanta Falcons Acquire Asante Samuel

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Though nothing is completely official, the Atlanta Falcons are expected to finalize a deal to acquire four-time Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel. The Eagles are reporting they want a late-round draft pick in return. More can be found here.

That Falcons secondary is going to be beastly with Grimes, Robinson, and now Samuel. I am glad we faced them last year. It appears they just have a couple contract items to finish up on.

Working out compensation with the Eagles was not an issue, but crunching the numbers to fit Samuel’s contract under the salary cap was the key holdup.

A couple weeks ago, the Titans were reportedly in the mix to make a trade for Samuel, although Jim Wyatt quickly shot this rumor down. At that time, the Eagles had mentioned they would like a 3rd round pick in return, which way was too high in my opinion.

This kind of stinks, it would have been nice to get a talent like Samuel without having to take a risk on one in the first round. However, maybe the Titans know who they want and pulled themselves out of the Samuel race. Stephon Gilmore perhaps?

I guess we will find out tomorrow night. Finally the day is almost here!

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