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Titans RB Chris Johnson to Attend Offseason Program

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In a move that should surprise no one, Jim Wyatt is reporting that Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson is expected to be in attendance when the team begins the offseason program next week (although Wyatt does mention CJ might be a day late). Anyone who was paying attention to the deal Johnson signed last offseason knew he would be here because he gets more money if he shows up. That is clearly something that is important to CJ- and the rest of America.

Hopefully the time that Johnson has with his teammates this offseason will help clear up some of the issues in the run game last season. There is no doubt the offensive line was bad last year, but anyone who objectively watched CJ run the ball could tell he did not look the same.

This time should also benefit Johnson as a receiver. They have not really been able to get him the ball in the passing game, and part of that would seem to be because he hasn't been around in the offseason to work on running routes and the timing on screens and other plays like that.