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2012 NFL Mock Draft: The Titans 2nd Round Pick at MTD

I have done a terrible job of keeping you up to speed on the SB Nation bloggers mock draft over at Mocking the Draft, but the Tennessee Titans second round pick is posted over there this morning. As Dan Kadar says in his analysis of the pick, which was Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall, this is a dream scenario for the Titans. This gives them two really good defensive players in the first two rounds. That is the main objective from this draft.

Be sure and head over there to give me an A for the pick! Click through the jump to see what Dan had to say about the pick.

This draft would be a dream scenario for the Titans. Many think the Titans should go with a defensive end in the first round, but landing a player like Curry here is both plausible and a great choice. The team can add offensive line help in later rounds. Curry would see playing time immediately and could become a factor faster than some other ends who have already come off the board.