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2012 NFL Draft: Minnesota Vikings Undecided on the #3 Pick

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Minnesota Vikings are "strongly debating" who to take with the #3 overall pick. A couple of things on that:

  1. You already know my motto this time of year: Don't believe anything you hear. This could just be a smokescreen the Vikings want out there to try and get someone to trade up who is in love with Claiborne or Blackmon. There probably isn't anyone who will take that bait, but you never know.
  2. Surely the Vikings are not seriously considering taking Floyd at #3. Look, I am all about the Titans taking a receiver in the first, and would love to see Floyd be the pick at #20, but it would be crazy for them to take Floyd over Kalil. There is the chance that Kalil won't pan out as a franchise left tackle, but worse case scenario he is a right tackle for a decade. (and don't call me Shirley)

You gotta love draft season!