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Last Night's MCM Radio

Last night we spent the majority of the time talking about the Tennessee Titans quest to add a new center. It seems that everyone agrees that a new one is needed, but they still have not been able to get one in the fold.

We then talked about forgetting about a running game and going primarily to a passing attack. I love that idea, but there is no way that happens with Mike Munchak at the helm.

That would also require the first round pick being spent on a wide receiver. With that in mind, here is a really interesting article by Greg Cosell of NFL Films comparing Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd. It would cost too much for the Titans to have a shot at Blackmon, but Floyd is a guy that can probably be had in the mid to late teens. Not something the Titans will do, but it is food for thought.

Listen to the full episode after the jump.

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