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Titans WR Nate Washington Had Minor Knee Surgery

"Don't worry MCM, I'm fine!"
"Don't worry MCM, I'm fine!"

Ok, step back from the ledge. My heart skipped a beat when I first read it too, but Wyatt reports on the Tennessean that Nate Washington had minor surgery for a chipped bone in his knee.

The full article, and by full I mean about as long as this post, can be found here. Nate says he plans to be ready to go for OTA's which is a good sign. Let's also hope he does not have any lingering effects of that ankle injury last year either.

Speaking of, Nate easily became one of my favorite Titans last season. The Saints game where he had the sense of mind to get on the line as time was winding down, so Jake could spike it instead of avoiding a 10 second runoff was nothing short of heroic.

Assuming Britt comes back 100% healthy, we could potentially have two 1000 yard receivers this season. LWSS.