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Titans LB Colin McCarthy Talks About Splash Plays

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Splash!  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Splash! (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Stephen Tulloch made a lot of tackles. There was never any denying that, but the the problem was he never made any game-changing plays. That is why I was not sad at all when they decided to let him walk after the 2010 season.

The brought in Barrett Ruud to replace him. Ruud quickly made Tully look like Mike Singletary, but he eventually gave way to Colin McCarthy, who showed us what a play-making linebacker looks like.

John Glennon caught up with McCarthy before a celebrity golf tournament this past week, and McCarthy told Glennon he wants to make more "splash" plays in the upcoming season:

"That’s what you need to do, those little splash plays," McCarthy said. "They’re out there. Throughout the game, there are opportunities to make interceptions, opportunities to get the ball out. You just have to stress that, and to have that mentality when you go in for tackles."

McCarthy fever swept this site last season. He and Akeem Ayers have the potential to be really good. I cannot wait to see what they do with a full offseason in the program.