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First Ever MCM Live Mock Draft Tonight at 9:30 Central!


Join Jimmy and I tonight at 9:30 central for a special edition of MCM Radio as we put on the first ever MCM Live Mock Draft! I wanted to call it a Faux Draft, but Jimmy thought that would be too damned Frenchy... also, nobody does Google searches for 'faux drafts'. Though, after looking around the internet lately, I'm pretty convinced that mock drafts might outnumber the amount of kitten posted per day on the internet right now.

But not a one of them have that MCM je ne sais quoi (AW notes: I promise no Commodores will appear. I'm not that much of a homer).

We’ll spend 45 minutes alternating picks and explaining our thoughts on why teams will/should make the pick. You can click here to listen live and join in the chat room fun. For all of you who aren’t able to catch tonight’s show live tonight, we’ll post a recap in the morning, and as always the show will be available for download through iTunes shortly after we finish.