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2012 NFL Draft: Melvin Ingram Visited the Tennessee Titans

Melvin Ingram is a guy that the Tennessee Titans would love to see fall to #20 in the draft. They brought him in for a pre-draft visit according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. Wyatt says he is arguably the best defensive end in the draft. I would argue that he is the best end and it isn't even close.

Ingram is a guy that could be either a 4-3 defensive end of a 3-4 outside linebacker. Adding him would give Jerry Gray a little bit more of the flexibility that he talked about wanting when he got the job last year.

The odds are not very good that Ingram falls to the Titans, but it is no impossible. Dan Kadar had him falling to #20 in his last mock. He told us on MCM Radio the reasoning for that was because a lot of teams will give a long look at Ingram but will ultimately decide to fill another need.