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2012 NFL Draft: Smokescreen Dontari Poe Edition?

Say it with me now, don't believe anything you hear this time of year when it comes to the NFL Draft. With that being said, Mark Eckel of talked to an NFL scout how is not sold on Donatri Poe. Here is part of what that scout had to say:

"He’ll be overdrafted," one personnel man said. "He did all of that at the Combine, so some team will take him way higher than he should go. I mean watch him play, just watch. He didn’t do anything. And he wasn’t playing at a very high level, either.

"All I know is he had one sack last year and it came against Austin Peay. You probably didn’t even know Austin Peay had a football team."

I did know Austin Peay had a football team.

This scout's point, whether he had an agenda or not, is actually a good one. It is always scary to draft a guy on ability alone. See Henry, Chris.