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2012 NFL Free Agency: The Titans Should Go All In on Mario Williams

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The news has come out that the Indianapolis Colts are accepting trade offers for Dwight Freeney. While there is no doubt that Freeney would be a huge upgrade over anyone the Titans currently have on their roster, making a trade for him is not the road the Titans should go down. They should focus all of their efforts on signing Mario Williams in free agency. Here are a few reasons:

1. Obviously the first reason is that Williams can be signed without giving up a draft pick. This franchise has been really good in the draft overall in the last couple of years. Those draft picks are really valuable.

2. Williams is only 27 while Freeney is 32. That means that Mario is coming into his prime while Freeney is going out.

Of course Williams is going to cost more in terms of a contract, but that is to be expected. I have been saying this for months, but Williams is the one guy that can make this defense a top ten unit as soon as he is signed.

We have seen team after team make bad moves in free agency, but that is usually because they are over-paying for a player that is past his prime. Williams is a player who is entering his prime at a huge need position for this team. They would be crazy not to pursue him.