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Nike To Unveil NFL Uniforms April 3

Jake Locker. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Jake Locker. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

So I am sure by now everyone has seen the rumored jerseys that Nike may produce from several websites including gramsey's favorite, bleacher report. Well yesterday Nike announced they will be unveiling their new jerseys on April 3rd. The full article can be found here but a brief summary and discussion follows:

The event marks the start of Nike’s five-year deal to be the league’s provider of on-field apparel, which includes game uniforms and sideline apparel.

The article mentions what Nike typically likes to do with their jersey designs and they include glossy helmets similar to the Oregon Ducks. The only thing I can guarantee here is the Titans will not have 16 different uniforms ha.

I really hope they keep the design relatively the same as I think we have the best jerseys in all of sports. The two-tone home blue jerseys are what get me most excited about watching games at LP Field. Just an interesting thing I discovered this morning, the Titans shop on the team page has their jerseys 50% off, which tells me we could be in for a surprise if they are trying to get rid of the old ones.

So hurry up and get your Vince Young jerseys for an all-time low price of $20.

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