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2012 NFL Free Agency: Where Will Cortland Finnegan Land?

It has been a foregone conclusion for a while now that Cortland Finnegan will be playing elsewhere in 2012. The only question that remains is where will he be playing in 2012? There are a few spots that seem obvious. You would expect his former coaches, Jeff Fisher and Jim Schwartz, in St. Louis and Detroit to have some interest.'s NFL Rumor Central (In$ider) lists Carolina, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Minnesota, St. Louis and Tampa Bay. Interesting that Detroit is not on that list.

The Cowboys are another team that has been rumored, but Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas talked to an NFL scout that told him Finnegan is primarily a slot corner. The Cowboys are looking for someone to play outside.

My money is on either St. Louis or Tampa Bay. St. Louis because of Fisher, and Tampa Bay because they are desperate for corners.

The thing that is going to be the most interesting about this is to see how much money he gets. If most teams view him as just a slot corner, that Jonathan Joseph payday that he and his agent are looking for will not be there.